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Members of the Earth Energy Society of Canada can use these services to increase your company profile on the internet:

- if you already own an internet domain (eg:, you can host that site on the green-powered server used by EESC. This is Canada's only hosting service that uses certified renewable energy to power an internet server, and you can display the GreenHosting logo to demonstrate your public commitment to the use of renewable energy
(cost:  $290 /year for members;  $390 /year for non-members);
- for conventional hosting (ie: not on a green-powered server), you can host your files on another server that is associated with EESC
(cost: $100 /year for members with basic needs; $150 /year for non-members);

- to obtain your own internet domain in your name, EESC can handle all registration details 

(cost: $35 for members for domains; $50 for non-members; domains are a premium cost; domain hosting is extra; the annual renewal fee is $25);

- to design your homepage, EESC can obtain the services of a webpage designer 

(cost: negotiated on an individual basis; most basic sites are less than $900);

- if you do not have / want your own domain, you can post your marketing information on the EESC site (eg: and promote that internet address to your customers

(cost: $50 /year for members with basic files; not available to non-members);

- you can obtain a vanity email (eg: that relays all email messages automatically to your dial-up account 

(cost: $25 /year for members; not available to non-members).

Please contact Bill Eggertson for details on any option.

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